Logistics are the silent profit killer on many construction sites. But there are steps contractors and subcontractors can take to help reduce risk and keep projects, and profits, on target: A logistical tool called a rapid response unit.

Construction projects fall behind

Almost all construction projects have performance problems. KPMG multi-year studies show that. Over a three year period, only a quarter of projects came within 10 percent of their original deadlines.

Delays are more than an inconvenience. Time is money, and schedule slips , according to construction management consultant and author Paul Netscher. Extending projects means additional labor and site costs for the contractor, plus extensions for insurance, sureties, and construction bonds. The latter can mean extended interest payments. Extending projects into unfavorable weather seasons could further slow construction and subcontractors could claim delay costs.

One major reason for delays is poor logistics. Equipment and materials must arrive at sites on schedule. Without proper planning, that can become next to impossible. That is why construction firms should consider the use of rapid deployment units.

All-in-One construction site storage solutions

A rapid deployment unit has everything needed for a given job site, whether materials, tools, or both. Delivery to the site means that crews can begin work immediately. A single form of storage and transport, like a PODS container, occupies as little space as a standard parking spot and is both secure and weather-resistant.

Store anything outside of large-scale construction machinery in a PODS container. A contractor that works on short-notice projects can keep a rapid response unit at the ready. Work can begin quicker than otherwise possible. Contractors that work with more notice can use rapid response units for logistical control. They can pack the storage container ahead of time and arrange for delivery on the day and time the project starts.

Packing tips to increase construction site efficiency

You can also increase logistics and site efficiency by planning how to pack the container for your storage.

  • Place materials, tools, and other items on rolling carts. Instead of unloading everything and reloading at night for security, crews can roll the carts on and off, saving time.
  • PODS containers sit low to the ground, so plywood and blocks of scrap wood can make temporary ramps.
  • Place carts next to one another in layers, with rows of carts side-by-side, one row at a time.
  • Stand sheets of plywood in front of each row to keep carts and their contents from shifting.
  • Tie cords or ropes ties to hooks on the container walls to secure everything. Fit larger materials above the carts or around them.
  • Place tarps, which will likely be useful at the site, on the container floor for items like masonry materials to reduce cleaning needs.
  • Place the ramp materials on last, then close and lock the container door with your own lock.

Transportation to Construction Sites

PODS containers can come to the home location of the rapid response unit, pick it up, and bring it to the job site. If space is at a premium, containers can store the unit offsite in its own facilities and bring it when needed. If the container location on-site must change, PODS can also shift it as needed.

The contractor doesn't use its own vehicles to initially bring materials and tools to the site. Instead, the vehicles are free for other needs, reducing travel, fuel and maintenance costs.

Setup and breakdown of Modular Storage Solutions

At the job site, crews reverse the packing steps. They set up the ramp and roll off the racks. Some of the plywood from packing can become temporary flooring for the carts. All equipment and materials needed at the construction site are easily available.

At the end of a workday, crews repack the container to keep everything safe and out of the weather. For long breaks because of holidays or weather, the container can remain on site or PODS can move it to off-site storage until work is ready to resume.

PODS Construction Site Storage Advantage

Rapid deployment units simplify and speed logistics and reduce risks of project delays. Easy setup and breakdown also improve efficiency and productivity on site. Get a free online quote today. today to learn more about how PODS construction moving and storage can help your construction projects run more efficiently.

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