Just weeks before the first game of the 2017-2018 football season, the Washington High School football team in Freemont, California, didn't know if they would have enough uniforms and equipment for the first game.

Thieves stole $10,000 worth of equipment from the school gymnasium's storage room, including 15 helmets costing more than $300 each. After the school started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money, the San Francisco 49ers heard about the school's plight and replaced the stolen equipment.

Members of a high school marching band holding instruments

Sports equipment is expensive. High school football gear can run from $350 for shoulder pads to $18 for socks. Multiply the average of $800 to $1,000 for each player on the team, and it's a significant investment. Band equipment and uniforms are also a significant investment, which makes hauling the equipment in a trailer a target for thieves. When the East Limestone High School (in Athens, Alabama) marching band's truck and trailer was stolen from a hotel parking lot, the instruments and uniforms inside were estimated to be worth $225,000.

Thieves aren't the only threat to equipment. Schools must worry about the elements as well. When equipment is in a shed or storage room, schools risk damage from the elements, such as heat, pollen, water damage, mildew, and mold.

Trumpets being played at a school concert

Not every school is lucky enough to have an NFL team save the day, so bands and sports teams must find ways to securely store their equipment. Portable storage, such as PODS containers, can protect equipment ranging from drums to hockey sticks.

Find space when you are out of room

With school space always at a premium, bands and teams may have nowhere to safely store equipment. This often results in off-site storage, which means students and staff cannot easily access their instruments, uniforms or protective gear.

Football gear on a high school football field

Schools now have an alternative — storing equipment on campus in weather-resistant PODS containers. The containers take up no more space than a single parking spot and can sit right next to the field, stadium or auditorium.

Time is critical when getting ready for a game or performance. Many schools save time by organizing equipment by student, so each member's belongings are in a single place. Because of the spacious interior of PODS containers, which come in sizes up to 16 feet long, it's easy to design a system that works for each group. When game time comes, students can easily access the ground level, easy-to-unload containers.

Get Equipment Ready for game day

Because teams often play across town, or even across the country, it's important to easily move equipment to the right facility. The container rental fee can include transportation coverage if desired, so coaches can focus on getting ready for the game instead of booking drivers. Teams don't have to unload and reload the containers for each event. Students just put away their items, and it's ready for next time.

Kettle bell free weights inside a school gym

Coaching a winning team, or an award-winning band, takes time and dedication. By making sure that students have the equipment and uniforms they need to compete, schools have one less thing to worry about — and they can spend money on growing their programs instead of replacing lost or damaged equipment.

Learn more about how PODS on-site storage solutions for schools can help grow your school bands and athletic programs succeed.

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