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Flexible Schedules and Savings for Gilman Electrical Supply

For Gilman Electrical Supply company, PODS designed custom solutions for delivery and distribution to streamline operations.

Gilman Electrical Supply

Gilman Electrical Supply (GES) is a full-line electrical distributor serving wholesale customers, the construction market, independent contractors, and more. The company was founded 1958 and today it employs around 175 staff across Maine.

Electrician working on power box


GES needed to ship lighting fixtures to a major grocery store customer outside of the physical territory they serve. In order to get the materials to different locations out of state, it wasn't possible for staff to drive GES vehicles down there, and the option of shipping on a common carrier or less than a truckload's worth of materials would cause too many scheduling headaches. The fixtures were also fragile, so loading and unloading a container positioned on an incline presented a significant risk.
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PODS provided a single, dedicated Business Solutions Specialist who designed and implemented a personalized solution according to the GES team's specifications. We also optimized scheduling and engaged local drivers as needed. Our market-leading hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA®, ensured that fixtures and other materials carried inside the containers stayed level and safe from damage during loading, unloading and while in transit.
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By working with PODS, GES were able to provide a better service for their customers and make operations much easier for their in-house teams. PODS was able to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure logistics ran smoothly, helping to improve efficiency levels and streamline processes. As a result of the company's partnership with PODS, GES has been able to expand its business by taking on new projects and working seamlessly across a larger geographic area.

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