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Do you have enough room for a container?

Your PODS container will be maneuvered into place by our level-lift system, PODZILLA®. PODZILLA needs a flat, level surface and a clearance area that’s at least 12' wide X 15' high X 40' long (including the street). If you’re not sure you have the clearances, check out these helpful tips. If you need more help, give us a call!

How would you like your container placed?

  • When deciding where to place your container, think of what would be most convenient for yourself and others, such as your neighbors and contractors.
  • If you’ll be remodeling, allow enough room for contractors to park vehicles and load and unload tools and equipment.
  • It may be useful to position the container so that the blue roll-up door faces the garage (if you have one) for easy access.
  • If you live in an apartment or condo parking lot, you’ll need to reserve 3 consecutive parking spaces for delivery and pick-up. (The container will only take up a single space after it’s been placed).
  • Don’t have a flat, level surface? Ask us about our premium delivery service.

Do you need a permit or HOA approval?

Check with your local government or neighborhood homeowners association — or give us a call — to see if you need a permit or approval for an on-site PODS container. If you do need to secure a permit or permission, find out if there is a duration limitation.

How much container space will you need?

Check out our container size chart to get a good idea of which size container you’ll need. If you’re not sure, we can help — just give us a call.

Need to reschedule? Just give us a call.

Timing changed? Need to reschedule your container delivery or pick-up? No worries. We work with your schedule! Just call our Customer Care Team at (855) 706-4758.

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